Mr. Pramod Goyal, the Manager of Seth Bhagwan Dass Sr. Sec. School, has been working continuously in the field of Education since 2004. He made so many non-stop efforts to provide Quality Education. Mr. Pramod Goyal is a great Personality with Secular Thinking. He takes his Social Responsibilities very seriously. He works with great dedication for a number of Social Noble Causes. He works continuously for the betterment and upgradation of Society as well as Human Being.

For Mr. Pramod Goyal, the prime purpose of Education is to provide Children with Safer Learning Environment which brings out the best Result in them. He believes that every Child is blessed with unique set of Qualities and Capabilities that have to be nourished in such a way so that they blossom in every season of life. He insists on the use of Modern Technology in the Schools for facilitating in the Scenario of Education.



Dear Parents and Students,
Our Children reflect Our Hope and Dreams. As a Parent, You want the Best for Your Child and We feel proud to be working with all of You ensuring that They are given right knowledge in right direction to face-up the difficulties of Life. Here Parents, Students and School Authorities work as a team and make compliments for each other.

             We urge You to spend atleast 15-20 minutes with Your Child, speaking with Him/Her about His/Her Day in the School. Try knowing your Children by becoming Their Good Friend so that They express each & every problem They face in the School Premises, during transit or at playground. Try maximum checking His/Her work regularly from day one. Please Do attend the Parent-Teacher Meetings regularly.

            It is important to inform the Class Teacher about any Change in Address and Telephone Number. It is very important that all Fee Dues are paid in time.

            We welcome and respect Your all suggestions to improve the School Scenario.