Inclusive Education is a Classroom Model where Students with Special Need are taught with their General Education Peers in Regular Classroom. It secures equal Rights & Opportunities for Students with Special Need. It also nourishes a School Culture of Respect and Belongingness and accept individual differences. We, at Seth Bhagwan Dass Sr. Sec. School, have an Inclusive Set-up wherein all Staff Members & Students are made aware towards the Requirements of Children with Special Needs. Special Educator and Counsellor are actively involved to provide maximum Support & Guidance to Students with Special Need.


The Students, at Seth Bhagwan Dass Sr. Sec. School, are supposed to represent themselves as good behavioured Boys & Girls at every time in all places. The cooperation & extreme support of Parents/Guardians are deeply expected all the time in the construction of the Character of their Children. As soon as the Child gets Progress from Junior to Senior Classes, increasing equal opportunities will be given to shift from conforming to externally imposed order to Staff imposed Discipline. The above mentioned School insists on Punctuality, Cleanliness in Dress general grooming and fidelity to study and work Assignment. All the Students are being emphasized upon to speak in English Conversation.


We are administered by Our Locus Values of Merits & Child centered, Sincerity, Modernization, Team Work & Dignity.

Deliver Value and Superior Results in line with the deepest need of the Students.

Committed to deliver Results being Clear, Honest in Our Approach.

Make Smart Choices for Flexible Conversation with the Aim to drive efficiency and effectiveness.

Champion a Cognitive Approach and celebrate the Progress of Our People.


Smart Classes for the Students from the Academic Year 2020-2021 have been initiated with an objective to :

  1. Improve Students’ learning and Their Academic Portfolio.
  2. Enable the Teachers to instantly access and evaluate the learning by Their respective Students.
  3. Enhance the productivity of Class through recap, quizzes, puzzles, worksheets etc.
  4. Making learning an enjoyable experience and better discussion.


Yoga is a Spiritually Disciplined an extremely fine Science, which focuses on bringing Harmony between Mind & Body. It is an Art and Science of healthy Living. The Word “YOGA” is derived from the Sanskrit root “YUJ” means “To Join” or “To Unite”. Here, at Seth Bhagwan Dass Sr. Sec. School, the Activity “YOGA” is primarily considered to be essential for all Students. We provide the “YOGA” as Activity to be an integral part of the Society. It makes Our School to be in front as well as Our Students to be habitual of this Activity and maintain the same in their Life. Here, We take this “YOGA” Activity to work specially for Our School Children as well. It works as Remedial Challenge for each Child that can change their attitude and working Capacity.


  1. In every Academic Year, 3 Unit Tests and 2 Terminal Examinations are to be held.
  2. Various Competitions like Writing competitions, Reading competitions, Art competitions to enhance the Capacity & Creativity of the Children.
  3. P.T.M. (Parent-Teacher Meeting) is also arranged in every month to keenly observe the Academic Performance of each & every child concerned.