1. Bring the Diary to School every day.
  2. Be Regular & Punctual.
  3. Come to School well in Proper Uniform.
  4. Be Fair and Honest at work and be a Good Sportsman.
  5. Attend the Morning Assembly regularly.
  6. Keep your Classroom Clean & Tidy.
  7. Wear the I-Card of the School regularly.
  8. Be Courteous and respectful to your Parents, Teachers, Elders & Youngers also.
  9. Conserve the Water every day.
  10. Switch off the Fans & Lights when not in use.
  11. Look after the School Property and help to keep it Clean & Tidy.


  1. Bring Articles of Value such as pieces of Jewellery, Camera or I-pad to School.
  2. Indulge in any form of Gamble.
  3. Disobey Lawful Orders of the Teachers & Vice-Principal.
  4. Being absent from the School without written application.
  5. Misbehave with Teachers or any other Employee of the School.
  6. Disturbing the Class intentionally.
  7. Be Rowdy or use violence in any form.


  1. Please read the Content of the School Diary whole-heartedly.
  2. Parents Teacher Meeting should be utilized as a Platform to interact with the Teachers regarding the Real Progress of the Child.
  3. Student must not reach the School before 7.45 AM in the Morning.
  4. Student must leave the School by 1.30 PM.
  5. In case of any Change in your Address or Telephone Numbers, kindly intimate to the School. This is vital in the interest of Safety of Your Ward.
  6. Party/Casual Dress is not allowed on Birthdays.
  7. Parents should regularly check all School Circulars through School Website.
  8. Parents must ensure that They spend quality time with Their Child/Children.
  9. Monitor Your Ward’s performance and feel free to meet the concerned Class Teacher after 01.30 PM Daily.
  10. Please refrain from directly visiting the Classroom at any time.